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Chain-link, panel & wrought iron fence

Demex AB offers a wide range of area protection products and systems that give our customers everything they need for protecting their property or those they care about, from residential or industrial properties to government property.

Our extensive product mix includes net fencing systems, panel fencing systems, temporary fencing systems and wrought iron fencing systems.

All products are designed and produced with the fitter and the customer in mind and are subject to continuous product development to ensure that the customer profits by our experience.


de-fence chain-link

The De-Fence chain-link fence is a common fence in Scandinavia. It is most often used to protect industrial properties, but also features in a number of other applications. 

Portugal guard

Universal fencing system for various fields of application. The post system that is extremely easy to install in uneven terrain makes the Portugal Guard panels well-suited to a number of applications.


Effective enclosure of wild animals requires robust materials as unlike domestic animals, many wild animal species are used to roaming large areas and therefore have a natural tendency to force obstacles in the landscape. 

viking guard panels

Viking Guard System has grown over the years in line with the increase in the number of break-ins. Viking Guard Panels are intended for those of you who’d like a bit more than wire mesh fence.

viking safe panels

Viking Safe is suitable for facilities with high demands on safety and design. Therefore is a popular choice for industrial and public facilities.

Viking basic panels

Unlike Viking Guard and Viking Safe, Viking Basic has bends in the panel that make the panel very rigid and easy to handle. Made of slightly thinner material than the other 2 models.

snowy fence

Excellent for securing extreme weather conditions at various infrastructures, as well as at ski resorts, agriculture, etc.

Viking prison security fence

Viking Prison is a fencing system that keeps its shape and gives a professional impression. The vertically and horizontally running wires are spot welded to each other.


The StapleloK® post is a versatile and flexible steel post that can be used together with all fencing, netting and wire products on the market.


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Fence & Industrial Fence

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