Industry & private property

Demex offers a complete range of fences, gates and barriers. Our products are used throughout society, from industry and airports to villas and sports facilities. We supply fences to the football pitches in the local community, fences to the sumptuous villa in the residential area, we protect the railway tracks with safety fences and secure construction sites from burglary with automatic gates, fences and entrance systems.

We at Demex can always deliver special solutions that are adapted for unique projects. With our long experience in the industry and knowledge of which security solutions are best suited to each project, we can help you find the optimal solution.


Fence and industry fence

We offer a wide range of area protection and systems and we give our customers everything they need to protect their property and what they care about. Our wide range of products includes fencing, industrial fencing, fencing nets, fencing posts and barbed wire.


Demex AB offers a wide range of products for access control that gives our customers everything they need to control access to their property and those they care about. Everything from industrial or residential properties to state property.

Road Barriers

Barriers, or road barriers, control vehicles driving in and out of parking lots, commercial spaces, homes, access roads and private roads. We offer several different types of barriers. Our range includes both electrically controlled lifting barriers, so-called electromagnetic barriers, and simpler manual solutions.


Rhino Automatic Bollards have a variety of uses, ranging from being used as a separator, control and routing of traffic to direct barrier and protection.


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