Farm entrances, farmhouses, fields… fences and gates find wide application on farms to provide protection and keep animals in. They are also used to control the access of lorries and other authorised vehicles and people and prevent any unauthorised access

Farm’s entrances are often controlled by gates to prevent unauthorised vehicles from driving into the yard. The entrance is often the same as the entrance to the owner’s house, which is why aesthetics is an important consideration.

Fences and gates are used a lot in the courtyard for separating and closing off areas used by livestock, but since there is often expensive agricultural machinery in the courtyard, such machinery also needs protection against theft and vandalism.

Livestock needs to be protected from wild animals and remain enclosed in their respective areas. Agricultural machinery also needs to have access to these areas. Livestock wire netting, deer fences, wooden poles, and gates are necessary materials for farmers, which is why it is important that they both keep a good quality and are worth their price.

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