Motor Racing Tracks

Outer enclosure, race track, logistics zones, traffic and flow of people… Such facilities and events place special requirements for effective security. Security and the aesthetic aspects of the fence are often important, e.g. in order to match the architectonic concept of the building. Events require high quality temporary fences for people and traffic control.


The whole perimeter of the area is secured with a fence. It has a deterrent effect: it shows that access is reserved for authorised persons.
Sliding doors, swing gates, and barriers provide the necessary access control.

Logistics zone

A turnstile ensures controlled access of employees and catering companies.
The turnstile can be equipped, for example, with a card reader so that it is clear who is present in the facility at all times.
Vehicles and lorries are permitted to enter the area for loading and unloading goods via automatic gates and barriers.

Track Perimeter

The perimeter of the motor racing track is a zone with increased security risk. The choice here falls on a fence with a delaying effect that is supposed to prevent people from gaining access to the racing track, but must also stop racing cars from driving into the audience.

Just like at other sports events, emotions at the motor racing track can easily reach the boiling point. It is important to keep the flow of supporters and vehicles strictly separated. This applies to the road from the car park to the track and back again.
Turnstiles are used for regulating and controlling supporters, and automated barriers and gates are used in car parks to control vehicle access.

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Motor racing tracks


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Motor racing tracks

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