The transport sector has a very special need for security. Effective security fencing for freight terminals is also a necessity.

The station's car park is secured by means of a fence or a panel fence. It has a deterrent effect; it indicates that access is reserved for authorised persons. The fence is robust, but has a decorative and elegant appearance.
The car park can be closed on certain occasions with barriers and gates.

The station is an area with increased security risk. You should opt for a fence with a delaying effect here. A turnstile guarantees controlled access of staff. Service vehicles may load and unload materials via automatic gates.

The track must be secured against undesired intruders and wild animals in order to guarantee the security of both trains and passengers. In rural areas a fence goes along the whole track.

Choices in residential areas must be made with regard to the nature of the dwellings. Gabions, for example, can ensure noise reduction without impairing aesthetics. This approach minimises the visual and noise disturbance for the residents.

Bridges are very vulnerable structures. You should opt for a fence with a strong delaying effect here. This fence offers exceptional resistance against climbing and cutting. The fence also prevents vandals from throwing any objects onto the track and jeopardising railway traffic. A bent arm at the top provides additional security against climbing.

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