Passenger terminals, freight terminals, shipyards… Piers and ports have a very special need for security and area protection.

Passengers using ferries for transportation must be protected and prevented from accessing restricted areas in the port. In this case, area protection is made up of deterrent fence systems, turnstiles and gates.

Access of cars and other vehicles must be controlled by barriers, bollards and gates. At the same time the staff, service staff and vehicles need simple access.

Freight terminals are an area with increased security risk. The choice here falls on a fence with a delaying effect for preventing access of unauthorised persons and possible thefts. Turnstiles guarantee controlled access of staff. Service vehicles may load and unload materials and also gain access via automatic gates and barriers.

Shipyards are also areas that require increased security, fences for preventing access to unauthorised persons or theft and for protecting the general public from heavy machinery used in these areas. Turnstiles guarantee controlled access of staff, while automated sliding gates, swing gates and barriers enable quick and effective access to authorised vehicles, while preventing access by unauthorised ones.

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