Application Area

The area protection products by Demex are used for a wide range of different areas and offer various levels of protection. Here you can see a number of areas protected by the products of Demex..


Industry, building site & farming

Industrial areas and construction sites often require quite high levels of area protection. In part because of the volume of foot and vehicle traffic, but also in order to protect buildings and other assets from theft and damage due to vandalism.

sports & leisure

Sports and leisure facilities need certain types of area protection products. Sports and leisure facilities do not need only protection against vandalism and theft, but also have to provide themselves protection to the general public. There is also a need for regulating the flow of visitors to sports arenas regardless of their size.

public facilities

The public sector comprises a wide range of different buildings and levels of security. The range of area protection products used is therefore also wide.


infrastructure & transport

Infrastructure and transport require higher area protection. Area protection products are necessary for protecting users of railways, airports, ports, and roads, as well as members of the general public who can otherwise gain access to potentially dangerous areas. 

Private sector

Private property in residential areas requires mostly only demarcation, but sometimes may also need protection. The purpose of area protection is not only to protect the property against damage and theft, but also to guard those you care about like children and pets.


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Application Area

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