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Fokus på hälsa och säkerhet inom byggnadsindustrin ökar. HSE har därför tvingat byggnadsindustrin att arbeta säkrare och erbjuda en säkrare omgivning för allmänheten. Stölder och skadegörelse på byggarbetsplatser kostar varje år miljontals kronor. Dessutom medför det komplikationer i form av förlorade arbetsredskap och leveransförseningar som ofta kan leda till produktionsavbrott.

The first measure is to make the construction area as safe as possible. It is a matter of installing, e.g. fences and anti-vehicle protection, access control, lighting, camera surveillance and appointing guards.

A stable fence is the very basis of good area protection. Gates should be locked with, as a minimum, class 4/grade 5 padlock and chain in accordance with the Swedish Theft Prevention Association’s (SSF’s) standard for padlocks. Access drives can be blocked with concrete foundations, strong lockable barriers, or the like.

Access control is a collective name for access control systems, entrance systems for passenger and vehicle traffic, camera surveillance, and in certain cases may be even a burglar alarm. Access control is made up of technical products and systems such as access control rotating gates, automatic gates, barriers, etc. that prevent or obstruct unauthorised access.

At present, both small and large construction sites need to have good control over the persons who enter and exit the construction site.

Camera surveillance can prevent vandalism and thefts. It is important to design the surveillance based on the purpose it is supposed to have. You will need one type of camera equipment to identify an intruder and a completely different type if you just want to find out if an unauthorised person is present in the area. The camera equipment can be integrated with a burglar alarm. Clear signs are required in connection with all types of camera surveillan

Demex products


Temporary Fence

Demex mobile fencing secures the construction site from burglary, transparency and vandalism.

Mobil Vikgrind Jet-Gate

Automatic Gates

Demex’s wide range of products includes all types of mobile gates: swing gates, sliding gates, automatic bollards, and rotating gates.

Tungavstängning Bison Strong

Road enclosure

Demex Bison is a heavy shut-off for temporary closure and personal protection at construction sites in an urban environment.



Guardrails are a perfect choice for protecting surrounding areas and are a common sight at sports facilities, car parks, trees, flower beds, etc.

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