20 percent increased sales during the coming year. The goal is crystal clear, as the sharpness of the new laser machine (one of the largest in Scandinavia!) which delivers precisely cut details.


laser 2023

When we do something at Demex, we do it with razor-sharp sharpness. It’s no secret that sparks fly about our staff. Everyone in the ranks must be laser-focused, as Ingmar said when Demex was started.

How can we be better, sell more and still maintain the same quality?

Increased detail accuracy, stronger, more stable and more technical products. Is it possible to achieve? We think so. With the requirement for immediate delivery time, and the possibility to carve article numbers, logos or names into posts and gates, we now satisfy the desire of more professional groups for a simpler everyday life.

Galvanizing staff should be happy, as the price will be lower with total run-out and the risk of explosion will disappear. The fact that the ventilation is complete is to the delight of the painter because no voids are filled with pre-treatment liquid. The curing time is therefore correct, and the quality is kept constant. Even the electricians should be happy in the work with cable laying.

Namely, we save on all post-work by doing the work continuously on the customer’s order.


Under the theme Laser 2023, we have developed a methodology that reflects our clear work ethic here at Demex. Every employee has a flame and a confidence that burns with a laser-sharp focus. We pursue goals that others didn’t think were possible to achieve. The key lies in doing and thinking proactively.

Demex enters 2023 with laser sharpness. Are you with us?


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Laser 2023 theme

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