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Demex offers comprehensive area protection solutions and security products. We generate profitability for our customers through a wide product range, high delivery reliability and personal service


Our mission is to give our customers peace of mind by helping them protect their property and those they care about.


To become the security provider that house, company and institutional owners prefer for protecting their property and those they care about through the development of quality products that are affordable and make life comfortable.


We focus on comprehensive support to our customers. Quality products, repair agreement, and full support of our technicians ensure that our products will serve you for many years.


We are not afraid of new ideas. That is why we design, test, and improve functionality of our products using the latest technologies.


As a global company  we have a unique supply base, and we can offer fast deliveries at attractive prices all over the world.

Terms of purchase

Purchasing from Demex

You must be at least 18 years old to shop at Demex. Demex will perform a credit check before the order is approved and proceed. Credit information and contact are never stored beyond the Demex register. Demex has confidentiality over all legal information.

Demex delivers a wide range of products, with high delivery security and good service, and with personal service and a purchase guarantee, we create profitability for our customers.

Purchase and choose items

Select which items you want to buy and add them to the shopping cart. Remember not to make many purchases but rather buy your entire need at the same time. Your items are stored in the shopping cart for as long as you wish. Go to the checkout and fill in all the information in detail. Review your order and click on order. Before the order is ready, a manual check is made and we and you agree on delivery time and shipping cost etc. The order will, after it has been approved by you, be further checked and approved by the staff at Demex. Shipping cost and delivery note are calculated and done manually and then appear on the order acknowledgment that you will receive by e-mail. When the order acknowledgment has been read by the recipient and we have received a feedback response via email, the order process is started and your goods arrive on the specified delivery date. We will contact you if you have any questions about anything. Personal information is kept confidential in the database. Demex AB takes measures to guarantee the security of your personal information, such as email, address and telephone information. Your information is carefully protected against loss, destruction, forgery, tampering, as well as unauthorized access and transmission or unauthorized disclosure to third parties.


Demex prices are reported excluding VAT (which is 25% in Sweden). When ordering, the total price will be displayed (total price including VAT). All prices listed on the website apply to all customers. If you are logged in as a reseller, your discount will be visible and your price will be converted to your net price (price excluding VAT).

Payment Terms

You can choose and pay on invoice or via KLARNA card payment. 


You have a 14-day right of withdrawal on Demex products. This applies from the date you received the goods. You can select and return the goods, at your own expense. The products are inspected after receipt and checked and if everything is complete and damage free. If everything looks good, we will return: Either 80% of the sum in KR on the sales price (excl. Possible shipping) you get 100% of the money for good, for the purchase of other products (incl. possible shipping)

* does not apply to promotional products or products with temporarily reduced prices


Demex AB protects the customer information we collect by saving it on servers that are protected with passwords and firewalls. In addition, encryption techniques are used as protection against unauthorized access. Only authorized IT staff has access to the servers and only the main person in charge has access to passwords etc.

In this way, we protect your information and give you a safe and secure trade via our web shop.

Communication via e-post

Demex uses e-mail for services such as delivery notices or the like about our products, or in connection with newsletters or other product information.

Delivery terms

The shipping cost will be different depending on which goods and what quantity you buy. The shipping cost is controlled depending on the number of flat meters the material takes on the truck and depending on the place to which the material is to be delivered. Demex AB strives for profitability for all our customers and therefore provides as low shipping prices as possible. We do our best to be able to load as much material as possible in as little space as possible. Shipping companies that Demex uses are mostly DHL, Schenker and DSV but also many more. Demex strives to hire the best, safest and cheapest carrier for delivery to the specific areas. Demex customers decide for themselves whether our shipping price is desired in the order or the goods are to be delivered on their own agreement.

Delivery time

Delivery times are based on which products are purchased. Demex customers choose whether the order is to be delivered as soon as possible or for delivery on the exact date. Standard materials are delivered between 1-15 working days, unless there are any obstacles. Demex has a delivery security of almost 100% for delivery in 3-5 working days on stocked products. Specially manufactured orders are delivered in up to a maximum of 20 working days, unless otherwise stated in order recognition. Order recognition is sent out immediately after the words have been entered into our business system and checked. The order approval describes shipping cost and delivery time.

Receipt of delivery


Do not receive a consignment note until you have checked the following:

  • That all packages are included according to the number of packages on the consignment note, if goods are missing, write it on the consignment note with cover and telephone no.
  • That goods look okay. Inspect the goods carefully in all conceivable places, if goods are damaged, write it on the consignment note with undercover and telephone no. also take pictures of the damage and scan the bill of lading and pictures and send to info@demex.se

Customer Support

We have a complete team of trained customer service staff to help you with your question.

Call us: 0371-335 40
Email: info@demex.se


You can ask all kinds of questions about purchases or products directly in our chat on the website. You can also ask questions or concerns directly in our chat box on the website. We are constantly working to ensure that our customers receive fast service and products with the best price and fastest delivery. If you have any questions about it, they can also be asked in the chat box.


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