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Cookies are used on DEMEX’s website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and stores information about the use of the website. With the help of cookies, DEMEX improves the usability of the website and offers targeted up-to-date information about Demex’s services and benefits.

Cookies lagrar ingen sådan information som användarna kan identifieras med. Cookies inverkar inte på datasäkerheten och kan inte sprida virus eller skadliga program.
Vilka uppgifter samlar cookie in?

The type of cookies we use on our website are:

Session cookies: Keep track of whether you are logged on to our website and to customize site content based on your previous selections.
Statistics cookies: Used to measure traffic and browsing behaviors.
Third-party cookies: Buttons on our website enables you to share content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Our advertising partners (Google Ad Services) use cookies and pixel tags to identify to which partner site you came, so that we can optimize marketing costs. These services put 3rd party cookies on our website. In many browsers you can choose to turn off the right 3rd party cookies.

How do we use the information collected by cookies?

The information that cookies collect is used to develop DEMEX’s website and to offer targeted information to customers.

The web analysis system on uses cookies to collect information about which pages are visited the most and how long the visit lasts. With the help of web analysis, DEMEX strives to make the website more user-friendly and improve the content.

The cookie also stores so-called personalized information about which pages the customer has visited. The information is used for targeted advertising so that the content of the advertising is relevant and important to the customer. DEMEX does not disclose the information collected to third parties. If DEMEX uses subcontractors to handle the information, the subcontractors use it only for the purposes set out by DEMEX. How does advertising based on cookies work?

An advertising page identifies cookies and displays advertisements whose content is relevant to the customer based on previously visited pages. If the customer has visited, for example, the pages on paternity allowance, advertisements for the application instructions for paternity allowance are displayed when the customer goes to an advertising page.

With targeted advertising, DEMEX can inform its customers about things that are current and important to them.

Not all advertising is based on cookies. On the advertising pages, advertising is also displayed independently of cookies. Advertising on paternity allowance according to the example above can thus be displayed even if you have not visited the website before.

Turn off cookies

If you do not want to accept that your computer receives and stores cookies, you can adjust the security settings in your Internet browser. Keep in mind that if you turn off cookies, your experience of our website may deteriorate.

This website contains detailed descriptions of how to switch off cookies.


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