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Demex Products

Demex AB offers a complete range of fences, gates and barriers. Demex area protection is used in a wide range of different areas, with varying ranges of different levels of protection.



Powder coating is a fast coating process that is also proven to be environmentally friendly compared to other painting methods such as wet painting. The powder coating is an excellent rust protection in itself and has proven to be better than both galvanizing and commutation.

About Demex

vision och mission

Our vision is to become the security provider that house, company and institutional owners prefer for protecting their property and those they care about through the development of quality products that are affordable and make life comfortable.

Our mission is to give our customers peace of mind by helping them protect their property and those they care about.

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Demex manufactures and delivers fencing solutions, gates and access control for area protection. As a global company, we have a unique network of suppliers and we can offer fast deliveries at attractive prices all over the world. We have good logistics with suppliers from Italy, Germany and Poland.


20 percent increased sales during the coming year. The goal is crystal clear, as the sharpness of the new laser machine (one of the largest in Scandinavia!) which delivers precisely cut details.


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