Powerp lants

Power plants require a very high security level. This is why security fences are designed to prevent unauthorised persons from access to areas which are very dangerous, yet provide secure access to service personnel.

The security fencing used for protecting power plants should follow the standards set by the authorities. It is often 2.4 m tall and employs anti-climbing products, for example razor wire, barbed wire and posts with bent tops to prevent climbing. Electric fences are also used as a deterrent.

Service staff and other authorised persons must be able to get access in order to perform maintenance work. Sliding gates, swing gates and automated gates are often used in connection with card readers for providing access to vehicles, etc. Sliding gates can be useful in steep entrances and for areas with lots of snow. Turnstiles and pedestrian gates are used to control the access of pedestrians. All gates must be fitted with approved locking systems.

All gates must also be fitted with anti-climbing materials at the top.
Gates must reach ground level in closed position in order to make it impossible to crawl underneath.

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Power Plants


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Power Plants

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