Warehouses & trading Places

Area protection in connection with construction materials retail is important in order to protect goods that are often stored outdoors against theft and damage, but also to prevent the general public from gaining access to areas where they can suffer injuries, e.g. logistics areas.

Bollards provide protection to pedestrians in the often busy car parks, whereas parking bollards protect discount parking spaces and prevent unauthorised parking.

Outdoor storage facilities must be protected primarily from unauthorised persons and thefts. This is why we recommend a fence with a carefully defined delay factor here. Gates are used for securing these areas during the night, and automatic gates can be an effective choice, pre-programmed to be open during opening hours and closed at night and during the weekend.

Drive-thru storage is often used in construction materials retail for permitting the general public to load the materials themselves. This area should be protected against thefts and hit-and-run drivers. It is also important to regulate traffic flow. The preferred choice here is a fence with a deterrent effect. Bollards are used to prevent hit-and-run drivers and unauthorised traffic.

Logistics areas must be protected against theft, but they should also prevent the access of the general public to the area where they can be injured by forklift trucks and lorries that are loading or unloading. Here we recommend the use of security fences, with automatic gates and barriers in order to quickly and efficiently provide access to lorries and service vehicles.

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