Speed+ road barrier

Demex electromechanical roadblocks are divided into three categories: Speed, Force & performance. With highly trained electricians and experienced technical developers, Demex has created specific climate-adapted and customized roadblocks for the Nordic market, as well as for the Finnish and German markets. Speed + (0.9sec) is available as powder coated or in stainless steel. The road barrier is delivered complete with clamp support and barrier pipes (with light loop). Speed + is delivered plug n ‘play so that only the connection of power is needed to make the boom usable.

Speed + (0.9sec) is fast and slows down gently at the limit positions. Other controls such as vehicle detector or GSM + (open with the phone) is purchased as an option.

Design, & applications 

Demex road barriers are designed to be used vigorously and manifold in tough but safety-demanding environments. The exact road barrier and its desired functions are selected per individual order and determined according to the requirements set by the area and where the customer wishes. Ex. in the case of a heavily trafficked car park at the marine environment area, the best model is: “Speed + (0.9sec). Options that are selected are foldable boom tube and signal light, vehicle loop, etc.

Speed, Force and Performance are applied to, in and at:

Industries & parking spaces
Parks & parking garages
Roads, squares & tourist places
Schools, prisons & public facilities
Shops, boats, bridges, tunnels & customs guards
Ports, airports, railways, bus & train stations
Sports facilities & construction sites
Farms, farms & plantations
Private lands, forests, lakes & other property

The road barriers are operated with 230v operating current or 24v low current converted for optimal operating operation. For maneuvering the roadblocks, several optional methods with their own explanation of finesse are used. The most common and most used are:

Remote control for 2 or 4 units (key hand box)
GSM + (call, or text to open / close)
Vehicle detector Loop2 + (opens automatically for vehicle traffic)
Timer TOP2 + (the boom opens automatically at certain times)
Key switch (open / close with key in a lockable lock cylinder)
Code lock (open / close with personal code)
Card reader (open / close with TAG card)
TAG reader (open / close with tag tag on your keychain)

The design of the boom is powder coated on hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel. And the design of Bomrör is round-shaped in 102 or 60mm or rectangular. The boom tube is available with fluorescent lamps integrated continuously on both sides and with reflective adhesive patches.

Speed, Force and Performance are designed for left or right mounting. The length of the boom arm varies on the different models, but the position of the boom arm on the boom housing itself is carefully calculated to ensure a smooth but fast maneuver.

When ordering and delivery, a detailed description of how installation should take place and how to maintain the road barriers in the best possible way is included. During commissioning, direct contact and direct support is offered from our electricians.

Commissioning can also be ordered but at a small cost. If Demex’s own electricians have been commissioned, the warranty period applies for an extra year in addition to the normal warranty period.

Service agreements for service and maintenance can also be ordered for, upon purchase, where there are several different options to choose from. If a service agreement is signed, the 5-year Demex guarantee applies.

Helbom’s warranty for engine and mechanical parts is valid for 5 years, from the delivery date. Signed service agreement also includes wear parts free of charge, in the event of replacement during service.

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