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"Triomphe" (Triumph) of Demex in France

Meeting in Paris

Demex in France is a "Triomphe" (Triumph).
And a big cheers to Guy Ruel.
He has just started to work for Demex and is very creative and will support French customers with any requested gate and fence they want. And behind him he has a great team that will provide customers with drawings/Constructions etc.

The team in Poland is smart and run by Monika Markiewicz. She has great ambition to fulfill customers’ needs and make sure all gates/entrance systems/fences have right classification like CE/TUV and other coating request that customer claim.

We also have Zbigniew who is a brilliant person to come with solutions and develop things people want

Then we have an automation department in Sweden that is run by Vlado Golemovic. What I like with Vlado is he would test all automation for years before they are launched, so customers don´t need to be the guinea-pig.

So we wish all a happy 2018 and like to welcome all to visit our different plants in Europe!