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How the TÜV mark makes everyone safer

In public, private, and commercial buildings, safety is a deciding factor when it comes to power-operated or physically maneuverable gate systems. In an emergency, it may even mean the difference between life and death.


So, how can you be confident that a product is truly high-quality and safe? The best way is to look for a third-party testing mark that affirms that the product conforms to EU standards. There are several current voluntary standards relevant to powered gates that assure consumers that a product is safe - however we at Demex decided to go a step further, and certify our gates with TÜV certification.

The TÜV is voluntary EU certification mark issued for both products and components, and it demonstrates that the product was tested and certified by an impartial, globally approved, third-party technical inspection organisation. If you see a TÜV mark, it guarantees that the product has been through rigorous testing and conforms to EU safety standards, as well as TÜV’s own demanding set of sustainability and quality standards. A TÜV tested product means lower maintenance costs for consumers, and no insurance hiccups in the unlikely event of an incident. What’s more, while the TÜV mark is a voluntary certification, it’s one that is increasingly demanded by private and public institutions - in fact, TÜV is so trustworthy that they certify products for high profile organizations like NATO and the UN.

Testing is thorough. To obtain our certification, our gates were assessed for the following criteria: impermeability, resistance to wind load, thermal resistance and consistency of functional properties. During the certification process, our team of managers, constructors and production workers rigorously tested all products and prepared all the required documentation for certification. The result? We can now celebrate both our completed TÜV certification, and the teamwork that helped us achieve this.

At Demex, we know that automatic and manual gate safety is not just about testing the individual components making up the product. True safety depends on the way the components are assembled and connected together to respond to the particular environment they are being used in. That is why we specialize in full entrance solutions. We are responsible for the automation and design of our gates as well as their individual components. We do this because we want to be sure that our final products are safe - and now, our TÜV certification means our consumers can feel even more confident about our products’ quality, sustainability, and above all, safety.


Our mission is to give our customers peace of mind by helping them protect their property and those they care about. We all care about safety, and that is why we want to send a very positive message to customers, installers, communities and institutions that that our products are achieving outstanding safety standards verified by a credible independent third-party institution.